10 big data case studies with big results in 2018

Who hasn’t heard of big data? This term has created the ultimate buzz in the industry over the last decade. The concept of big data has become a multi-billion-dollar industry within a very short span of time. With the large-scale collection of data from various places like social network communications, web-browsing data trails etc., big data analysis and its subsequent insight-based action points have created a huge difference in various sectors. There are many industries and organizations out there which have used big data effectively at different points in time.

Do you want to know how these companies made use of their data? Here are such ten attractive big data case studies which have shown awesome results:

1. Centers for Disease Control

It is the national public health institute of the United States of America. The foremost objective of this institute is to protect people’s health and safety while controlling and preventing various diseases. There was no other option for the organization to dig out a significant data rather than relying on doctor’s reports for the outbreaks of influenza. CDC was not able to offer vaccines to affected patients for weeks and even months.

Next, the organization used historical data from the CDC. Google helped in comparing various search term queries against geographical areas which were prone to flu outbreaks. Finally, it was possible for Google to figure out forty-five terms which were totally correlated with the outbreak of the flu. This data helped CDC to work immediately!

2. Kreditech

Kreditech is a technology-based startup company which has its headquarters located in Hafencity, Hamburg. This European company usually uses Big Data to create an excellent credit score for customers from more than 8,000 sources. This analysis has led to a surprise recovery of a relationship between social media and financial stability.

3. UPS

Interestingly, UPS makes 16.9 packages and delivers documents every day. Also, more than 4 billion items are normally shipped per year with the help of 100,000 vehicles. Interestingly, there are many ways in which UPS uses Big Data. It has got benefited up to a great extent due to this. One of their best approaches to use big data is fleet optimization.

The on-track telematics which is something astounding helps with routes, engine idle time, and predictive maintenance. The advanced algorithms also help them to accomplish this objective. With this approach, UPS was able to save more than 39 million gallons of fuel and successfully avoided 364 million miles.

4. Sprint

Sprint Corporation is, you can say, a United States telecommunication holding company which offers wireless service and it is even an important global internet carrier. As of 2014, Sprint is the third largest U.S. wireless network operator.

This company uses smarter computing, primarily big data analytics, in order to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network. It has enhanced 90% of their capacity.

5. US Xpress

US Xpress is a yet another astounding example of the finest companies which have used big data over the time. It provides a variety of transportation solutions which collects more than thousands of data elements which range from fuel usage to tire condition, GPS information, truck engine operations and so on. The company uses this data for optimal fleet management. Also, it lets the organization save millions of dollars in operating costs.

6. Uber

UberPool has definitely helped many people who are interested in reducing the extent of carbon footprint and fuel costs. The entire business of this famous company uses built on Big Data. It’s because of such a reason it has been able to let the user data be accessible on both the fed of both passengers and drivers. Finally, they are being able to fetch and offer suitable and cost-effective fare rates.

7. Verizon

Verizon has used big data to boost up their mobile advertising. If you register on the website as a user, an identifier will be created. Further, the identifier lets the advertiser use all the information from the desktop computer. The marketing messages get automatically delivered to your mobile phone using this information.

8. Woolworths

If you are in Australia, you will definitely know about Woolworths. Isn’t it? It uses business analytics to analyse the shopping habits of customers. The entire process has become an easy one with the use of such data analytics. It was around $ 20 million dollars that the company has spent on analysing the spending habits of consumers and boosting online sales. Big data has been a real help for Woolworths!

9. Red Roof Inn

This company has acquired a 10% growth year after year while helping people who have been stranded due to bad weather. The marketing department takes help from big data to use historical weather information. It helps them to curate a standard plan to target the stranded airport passengers.

Big data has helped this company incredibly to identify such areas which are on demand. Also, big data directs the company to use search advertising and other approaches to drive digital bookings with customized messages.

10. Mint.com

Mint.com is one of the most successful and free web-based personal financial management services in the US and Canada. This company uses big data to pass information to the users about their categorical expenditure. Also, this high-end technology helps the organization to let the customers know how they spent their money in a given week or month.

Aren’t these case studies simply thrilling? Yes! Big data can really create such a remarkable difference in any field. It is such a unique technology which deserves to be used by one and all.

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