25+ data driven tips for customer service teams to thrive [Infographic]

Customer expectations when it comes to customer service are getting higher every year, in fact, Microsoft reports that 54% of consumers report expecting exceptional customer service. This means that companies must know their audience, where and how they communicate and what platforms they use.

For example, American Express reports that millennials will pay 21% more to do business with companies that excel at customer service. Companies must adapt to the younger generation’s wide use of mobile. They must also understand that many younger consumers (57%) would rather contact companies via digital means such as email or social media rather than talking on the phone.

Social media has taken on more of a central role in the customer service world. 33% of people aged 18-34 have contacted a company via their social media page! Most companies are doing a great job of keeping up with this, as Microsoft reports 84% of those inquiries are answered by the company.

To better explain how companies can use these customer service statistics to their advantage, Nextiva has created the below visual. It details how companies can build brand loyalty, be effective and efficient, communicate correctly and win customers for life!

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