Author: Kayla Matthews

  • Here’s How Much Big Data Companies Make On The Internet

    Here’s How Much Big Data Companies Make On The Internet

    Nearly everything in today’s world has some digital component or counterpart. Consider that for a moment, along with the idea of how much big data companies make. Tech like smartphones, computers and tablets, smart home gadgets, geospatial hardware, telemetry devices — it all generates data or digital content. That means someone — or something — […]

  • What You Need to Know About Gmail’s New AI

    Gmail’s New AI In late April, Google gave its email service a significant overhaul. Besides getting a new look that includes a slightly different font style and differently shaped buttons, the interface has artificial intelligence features built into it. Available Around the World Every week, 1.4 billion people use Gmail. Individuals only have to click […]

  • 5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Facebook’s Data Privacy Scandal

    When news broke that Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested the data of millions of Facebook users who interacted with the former company’s third-party app, the backlash was fierce. The aftermath reveals lessons all companies can learn, regardless of the extent to which they use social media. 1. Delayed Acknowledgements of Wrongdoing Make Things Worse One of […]