Here is how Netflix uses data to drive success (Infographic)

With over 100 million subscribers, there is no doubt that Netflix is the daddy of the online streaming world. Netflix’s speedy rise to dominance has movie industry leaders taken aback – forcing them to ask, how on earth could one single website take on Hollywood? The answer – big data.

One of the major success stories in technological disruption, Netflix is a prime example of how big data can be leveraged to totally transform an industry. Netflix offers something wholly unique, in that it provides a service that is completely tailored to every individual user’s taste. The key to this is data. The Netflix algorithm constantly gathers data about users’ activities – what they watch, what they skip, what they search, and so on. They then use this data for a range of things, from creating personalized movie recommendations to choosing which new series to commission.

In perfecting the science of data, Netflix has managed to design a platform so tailored to each user’s needs that cinema and television simply cannot compete. To learn more, check out this very insightful infographic from the guys at Frame Your TV which shows how Netflix has taken advantage of big data to become one of today’s most successful online companies.