Getting to the How of Multicloud

Customers are moving beyond thinking about what multicloud is, when it’s coming (it’s already here) or why it’s accelerating. At this point, we are in a new phase, where customers need to know how to navigate the complexity and power their next wave of multicloud initiatives. Since introducing the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio last October, we’ve seen many customers use it to guide their investments. While every customer is unique and has different paths to cloud adoption, we’ve seen common consumption-related use cases emerge with large and small organizations. In this blog, we are going to focus on how we help customers consume cloud services.

Helping Control Consumption in Large Enterprises

Some of the larger enterprises we’ve worked with face complexity caused by having wide range of IT consumers and a diversity of workloads deployed across multiple on-premises and public cloud environments. Mitigating the potential risks requires that they focus on governance and control capabilities.

One government department CIO we worked with had a vision to streamline and standardize IT services as they moved the majority of IT to the public cloud. The CIO had already chosen two main public cloud providers and surprisingly (or not) found that business teams were using credit cards to pay for cloud services outside of the selected suppliers. With over 32,000 employees and IT services across 12 different business units, it was nearly impossible to control these purchases and manage the overall spend…

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