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  • Top 10 cloud security training resources

    Top 10 cloud security training resources

    Cloud computing skills are in high demand right now. However, on the down-side, statistics have shown that there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Today, 40 percent of businesses are looking for ways to find employees who are qualified in this kind of computing.  By 2019, there will be 1.5 million job openings and the […]

  • The Benefits Of The Hybrid Cloud For Entrepreneurs

    The Benefits Of The Hybrid Cloud For Entrepreneurs

    Cloud solutions are getting popular with enterprises adopting modern cloud infrastructure to move from traditional systems to an agile structure. There are lots of benefits to adapting the hybrid cloud for entrepreneurs. Most of them already have their own private cloud networks, allowing them to collaborate easily, reduce storage costs, and enhance scalable capacity. Tech […]

  • SAP Integrates more than 150 Enterprise Cloud Applications

    DENVER and ORLANDO, Fla., June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 conference this week, SAP launched SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, a purpose built API integration platform leveraging the Cloud Elements catalog of feature-rich connectors to over 150 leading enterprise SaaS applications. This is the first OEM deal with SAP for Cloud Elements, […]

  • Getting to the How of Multicloud

    Customers are moving beyond thinking about what multicloud is, when it’s coming (it’s already here) or why it’s accelerating. At this point, we are in a new phase, where customers need to know how to navigate the complexity and power their next wave of multicloud initiatives. Since introducing the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio last October, we’ve seen many customers use it to guide their investments. While every […]

  • Washington’s Cloud Attempts Reveal Lessons for All of Us – First Up, People

    Sure the Federal Government has some pretty unique aspects when it comes to adopting the cloud. Don’t let those obscure the key lessons that apply to all of us. Let’s first focus on people. Anybody remember Vivek Kundra? Back in 2009/2010, as the first CIO for the entire Federal government he launched the Cloud Computing Initiative. […]

  • IT Infrastructure Management Services: What to Expect from an AWS Consulting Partner?

    Most important need of every business is to find a strategic partner that can help them drive excellent business growth and transformation, instead of remaining a mere supplier of IT capacity. If you need to cater to the challenges of increasing demands while having control on your IT costs and alleviating management headaches, then need […]

  • Talking Tech at the Dinner Table: What is Cloud?

    Talking Tech at the Dinner Table: What is Cloud?

    The cloud is everywhere. It’s a disruptive force, changing the game forever, ubiquitous even — but could you explain it to your family over Sunday dinner? While most of us are aware of what the cloud is and can even confidently discuss it in a top-line conversation, many may hesitate if asked for a clear, […]

  • Easily Choose Between On-premises Data, Colocation & Cloud

    Easily Choose Between On-premises Data, Colocation & Cloud

    When it comes to data storage and management, it is true that you have options. You can go for on-premise data storage and management, use Colocation services or a cloud services provider. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make will be greatly influenced by your own business needs. It […]