Miracles of Modern Hardware Turn Mundane PCs into Machine Learning Tools


You probably thought that machine learning was a very elaborate concepts that required a multi-million dollar super computer. That is not the case at all. In 2019, it is perfectly feasible to create machine learning tools out of your own PC. Some experts estimate that it is ten times cheaper to build a machine learning tool from your own computer. You don’t need a massive gaming computer either.

You can develop machine learning algorithms on just about any personal computer. You just need to follow the instructions properly and ask a computer repair or support company for assistance if you run into any issues.

The machine learning industry is becoming a dominant force in almost every industry. It was virtually unheard of only a few years ago. However, it is growing at an extremely rapid rate, as more companies start to explore the benefits of it.

In 2017, a new report showed that the global market for machine learning was around $1.58 billion. The market is expected to grow by 44.06% annually until 2024. By the year 2024, the machine learning market should be worth $20.83 billion.

Although machine learning is disrupting countless industries in a beautiful way, many companies are struggling to find cost-effective ways to utilize it. They often invest in highly complicated services offered by AI organizations that don’t necessarily offer the highest quality service. They should consider implementing their own machine learning algorithms instead.

Is turning your PC into a machine learning tool your best option?

Many people don’t realize that it is perfectly possible to develop a machine learning tool from your own computer. Towards Data Science discuss this in one of their articles. However, it is not necessarily going to be easy. TechLoris, a blog on resolving PC issues, states that need to know how to go about choosing the right hardware and making sure your computer will be able to support your machine learning algorithms.

Here are some factors that you need to consider.

You may need a reliable computer repair and support company

You could run into a variety of issues when you start messing around with your operating system or hardware. You might need to find a professional to help debug issues and resolve any hardware problems you create.

You will want to replace windows with Linux Ubuntu

Windows 10 is a great operating system. However, it is not ideal for machine learning or other complex programming projects. You’re going to need to remove your windows operating system and install Linux Ubuntu in its place.

You need to verify the graphics cards that your PC is currently using

You need to understand all of your hardware specifications before you start working on machine learning projects. Your graphics cards are going to be especially important. You might need to use DirectX defined out what hardware you have. You will need to go to the start menu and type “run.“

You may need to see if there is a new PCI express slot

You might see that you don’t have the right graphics cards for a machine learning application. This means that you will need to choose a new GPU and install it. You will need to open up your PC first and see if there is a new slot available.

After confirming that a new slot is available, you will need to choose a new GPU. You are also going to have to uninstall the old GPU. You might need to use a DDU to remove the old software. It will recommend that you restart your computer in safe mode first, to avoid damaging any of the drivers.

Building Your Own Machine Learning Tool Could Be the Perfect Solution

You are going to need to take a number of factors into consideration when building a machine learning tool from your own computer. Fortunately, the process should be relatively straightforward if you follow these steps. Always make sure that you contact a reliable tech support or computer repair company in case you run into issues.